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TazWorks Hires More Top Talent!

Software Engineer
Joseph Lindley comes to TazWorks from Western Governors University where he developed student and employee facing systems. While there, he was involved in many integration projects between systems internal and external to the university and took on the role of Data Architect in addition to software engineering. Joseph has been programming in Java for over a decade. After a long tiring day of programming, he relaxes by programming a little more. Joseph enjoys animated TV shows and movies and often uses his five-year-old son as a convenience excuse to watch and purchase them.
Customer Support Representatives
Danica DiFrancesco has worked in customer service since she entered the workforce, and she loves to problem solve. She is excited to work in a more customer-centered role with TazWorks after her previous work in collections. Danica enjoys learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (taught by our IT Manager, George Dew) and starting off her mornings with a dance party!
Amy Jean Clement (not to be confused with our Support Manager, Amy Strate) comes to the TazWorks team with six years of customer service experience. Her favorite thing about customer support is working with and getting to know people from all over the country. Amy actually owns a feisty shark named Ripper! Don’t worry, though, he’s a cute little guy.
Courtney Rogers recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in human development and has worked as a receptionist before. Courtney loves to travel and dreams of becoming a super cool flight attendant one day. She also used to teach dance classes (in case anybody needs any pointers or a refresher course).

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