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TazWorks Finds Room to Grow

We are excited for our new space, our new team members, and the New Year!
We consider ourselves very lucky have such great background screening clients that know how to develop and grow their businesses. This client growth has fueled a hiring surge, which caused TazWorks to max out its office space at the beginning of 2013. One of our biggest changes in 2013 was finding TazWorks a new home.

If you’ve ever shopped for new office space for a growing organization, you know that it’s more like shopping for children’s shoes rather than gloves. If it “fits like a glove,” you have no “room to grow.” We carefully selected a new location that would allow for this growth as we search to hire some new talent. The need to hire more software development resources is a top priority. In fact, since starting the move last summer, we have added five new employees to the TazWorks Team with plans for more! We were (almost) able to get the whole team together for the group photo.
The newest members to the TazWorks family are Mark Ericksen and Scott Dean.
Mark Ericksen
You may have noticed the padded floors and walls and thought, “That must be some intense table tennis…” Actually, we are training to become background screening ninjas by learning Jiu Jitsu before work hours.
Mark Ericksen has joined the TazWorks team as an additional senior software engineer. He is very experienced and skilled in coding and has written software for many niche industries such as food services, television ratings analysis, concrete sampling analysis, printing industries, and more. His past experience includes many disciplines. Mark is currently working on an exciting new applicant screening project that will expand our clients’ value in the applicant screening markets. Mark has settled in and is making valuable contributions to this project.
Mark enjoys photography, hiking, spending time with family, and coding. He says that he is qualified to work here because he has one set of twins (just like Barton and Brett).
Scott Dean
Scott Dean has joined TazWorks as our SCRUM Agile Product Owner, translating our product vision into an ever-improving software to support the success of our customers and our customers’ customers. Scott has been involved with the development of numerous information systems over the years in a variety of industries, most recently as the Assistant Director of Technology for a high-growth marketing company.
Scott has an MBA in finance, a bachelors in business and is in the middle of a bachelors of information technology emphasizing software development. He is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) as well as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).He enjoys spending time with his small family of a lot of children (yes… yours, mine and ours!) He grew up loving skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and rappelling, but found soccer to be his favorite sport. In years past, he was a crisis management consultant working all over the country and loved meeting new people everywhere.
We are excited to have Scott and Mark as part of the team and look forward to their contributions to the success of our clients. We also look forward to 2014 and the goals we have set for the New Year!

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