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Convergence Research

Better Research, Smarter Decisions… For a decade Convergence Research has provided the background screening industry with in-person, wholesale criminal and civil pre-employment and pre-tenant research as well as our proprietary, breakthrough automated data research. EVERY aspect of Convergence Research’s operations are on domestic soil, which enables us to be extremely responsive to our customers’ needs. We strive to make our customer’s experience industry leading!

Founded in 2007 by Drew Wildner and Steve Hartz, Cincinnati-based Convergence Research is a group of dedicated industry experts committed to providing Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) with accurate, timely research. Convergence is steadfast in its promise not to compete with industry retailers, it is 100% wholesale, 100% of the time and 100% of its operations and vendors are in the continental United States.

Whether you’re an existing client, an existing researcher or would like to become one; Convergence strives to make things easier. We deliver results clients can depend on with the accuracy and speed you need in real time. The Convergence Client Web Platform is all about flexibility, usability and efficiency. Existing clients can order new screenings, pull results and contact support. The Convergence Researcher Web Platform is your software portal for request fulfillment and management as well as researcher support. This responsiveness to our clients’ needs is what has enabled us to become an industry leader.