TazCloud 30/30

Staying Connected with TazWorks

TazCloud 3030 gives you a quick glance of what has happened at TazWorks in the past thirty days, and what we are anticipating in the next 30 days.

October/Nov 2020

Releases in October 2020

Coming November 2020

Releases in September 2020

Coming October 2020

Releases in August 2020

Coming September 2020

  • CRA Marketplace Spotlight 9/2/2020

    First installation of the CRA Marketplace Partner Spotlight, with Kevin Bachman from The CRA Doctor

  • Product Webinar 9/2020

    Be sure to join Ashley Casaus and Mari Cazares on upcoming products: Recurring Searches and Advanced QuickApp

  • Insights 9/2020

    Insights went through a significant transformation in June, fueled by user feedback. More to come, keep an eye for announcements.

  • Integrations 9/2020

    Recent integrations have included JazzHR, BambooHR, Page Up, and Cornerstone, ClearCompany. Coming up the pipeline is iCims Prime and Ceridian.

  • Spotlights 9/2020

    Anticipated Spotlights are QuickVerify, Scorecard Pro, Workload Manager, Report Decision Tool

  • TazHelp Client Segmenting 8/2020

    Coming in August is the ability to customize walkthroughs per client, rather then just globally for your clients.

  • MeasureOne Coming Soon 2020

    Coming soon in the coming months will be a new vendor option for Education Verifications. They have a unique way for users to gather the education information on applicants. 

  • TazAPI v2 2020

    Version 2 of the open API will be coming in Q4 of 2020

Releases in July 2020

Coming August 2020

Releases in June 2020

Coming July 2020