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Reporting Update

A quick update on items that have been added or enhanced within the reporting department. The most recent updates were: 

The Vendor Workbook continuation of updates: 

  • Added a chart based on the completed date 
  • Addition of TAT to the vendor workbook 
  • More vendor cost data 
  • Improved reporting on instructional vendors 
  • Introduced summary tab and can quickly identify loads, tat, costs, searches and vendors 
  • Turnaround times list the measurement type (days, hours, etc.) 
  • General Tab, chart for dispatches and a search status as a filter 
  • Added a tab for hit/response ratio which is broken down by vendor/search and jurisdiction 

The Reports Workbook:

Added a field that shows how many names are being run on the applicant. This allows you to see the trend over time.

Add SLA data from Workload Manager: 

With Workload Manager, the CRA can now set an SLA (Service Level Agreement) globally on the preferences tab and override it for specific clients where necessary. SLA will now be available in the TazData Connector’s client data where it can be weighed against turnaround times. 

Management Report Change: 

Announced yesterday, but we have added clarity to the date fields for all management reports. 

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