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QuickApp email notification settings update

We have updated our QuickApp configuration settings to make it easier for you to configure who to contact when sending the ready email for QuickApp. Now you can choose whether to email just the requestor, the alternate, or both! Previously, this was an either/or situation, where you could choose to send to an alternate email address instead of the requestor if desired. To read more about configuring QuickApp, click here.

What’s changed

  • If you set the ready email and no alternate email is specified, only the requestor will receive an email. This is the default setting.
  • If you enter an alternate email address, it will send to only this email address, as before.
  • You can email both the alternate email and requestor email by both filling in the alternate email field and checking the Notify Requestor option.

View the updates

To view these changes or make updates to your settings, you can go to Admin >> Manage Clients >> select your client >> Products tab >> select product that has QuickApp enabled. On this same page you can fill out the Requestor Email or Notify Alternate field if there is an alternate you want notified. Learn more about QuickApp email configuration settings.

the new quick app menu with inputs to to notify an alternate email and notify requestor

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