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New TazWorks Professional Services Pricing and Approval Process

TazWorks Professional Services are available for clients who need custom documents, reporting, and other customized requests. A new pricing model and approval process for professional services will go into effect on May 10, 2021.

Our objective is to make professional service fees more consistent across the varied offerings and accurately reflect the costs of required resources. Some of the services that will be affected by the change include:

  • Custom QuickApp, QuickApp Pro, and QuickLease Pro Disclosures and Notifications
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Sites
    • New Databases
    • Affiliate Sites
    • Vanity URLs
    • Integration Implementations and Single Sign On

A formal Statement of Work (SOW) will need to be signed on the first engagement. Clients can reach out to Kevin Gonzalez at kevin.gonzalez@meridianlink.com to request the new SOW or one will be provided upon your next professional service inquiry. Please note, waiting until your next engagement could delay the turnaround time of the service request.

In conjunction with the new pricing model and approval process, CRAs can now manage the messaging, forms and disclosures, and custom questionnaires, as well as collect additional information after the process through a document portal using the new Advanced QuickApp Editor.

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