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New System Settings

 Did you attend the TUG breakout session, Workload Automation? 

With this new valuable tool coming to TazCloud/InstaScreen, we are implementing items into the system so when Workload Automation is completed, it’s ready to go.  

If you navigate to the Manage Clients General Preferences section, you will notice a new setting, Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is where you will have the ability to set the Service Level for clients in the process of assigning tasks. 

If you navigate to the Manage CRA miscellaneous preferences section, you will see a CRA SLA setting. You can set a CRA SLA default that will apply to all clients that don’t have a specified client SLA set.  

If you also navigate to the CRA users section you will notice in the administrative section there are two new permissions, “Manage Workload” and “View Workload”.  

These settings currently are not active, but once Workload Automation is fully implemented, you will have the ability to configure each of these settings and have them work appropriately. These settings by default are not checked and you will need to configure them.

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