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New reference verification options

You can now set the number of references an applicant is required to provide for the following search types:

  • Professional Reference Verification
  • Personal Reference Verification
  • general Reference Verification.

This can be configured at the product level, within the search options:

search scope options with options and notes

When you set this number, this will provide a soft validation during data entry. When you get to the references screen, it will prompt the person inputting the data to provide the number of references requested. However, if they are unable to provide an adequate number of references, this will give them the option to still move forward by checking a box that they do not have enough:

professional refrence verification page with a warning to wnter 3 refrences

This allows you to provide guidance to applicants and get the information you need, without prohibiting the application from moving forward if information is not available.
This is similar to the existing options for how employment verification searches can also be configured, so that you can set require a specific number of employers or years of employment but still allow this information to be skipped during data entry if it doesn’t exist.

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