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New look for the monitoring queue

We’re slightly updating the appearance of the monitoring queue in order to fix a few bugs. This is a visual update only and does not change any functionality for you or your processors.
The following things have all stayed the same:

  • What columns are available in the monitoring queue
  • Permissions for the monitoring queue
  • Actions you can take on the monitoring queue
  • Ability to sort information in columns according to your preferences.

We’ve also improved the following views:

  • Buttons are grayed out unless they can be used, so that it’s clearer which actions you can and can’t take on a specific report or selected reports
  • Color coding to help you more easily distinguish between active and inactive monitoring searches
  • Count of total number of items in the queue.

If you’re using monitoring, this new view will go into effect with no changes to functionality for you or your processors in any way. If you are not using monitoring yet, why not?
Learn more about how you can use the monitoring queue to provide valuable additional services to your clients (and increase your revenue with little extra work)!
The previous view is below:

The new view will be as follows:

monitoring queue with red and green inactive and active status indicator

This change will go out tomorrow night, so that it will be in effect starting on Friday morning.

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