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New drug testing provider: i3screen

At TazWorks, we’ve been working hard over the last year to significantly expand our drug screening capabilities to give CRA’s more power than ever to do everything you need to, and as part of the next step in that process, we are releasing a new integration with i3screen that can take your drug testing program to new heights.

i3screen provides vendor-agnostic access to more than 8,000+ providers, 4,000+ electronically enabled collection sites, and 12+ certified laboratories for ordering, fulfillment, and delivery of drug & alcohol tests.

By integrating with i3screen, you can configure your desired drug screening offerings and choose which panel(s) you want to have done, set your preferred networks for testing locations, and take advantage of their seasoned team of expert Medical Review Officers (MROs).

Within TazWorks, you will be able to:

  • Link your TazWorks substance abuse panel to your i3screen packages
  • Enter a default reason for testing
  • Enter a default collection deadline
  • Decide whether you want to allow your clients to override the defaults at order time or are required to follow them
  • Get the results back in TazWorks
  • Select the go-to status for the results you get back.

Your clients will then be able to do the following when ordering an i3screen drug test through TazWorks:

  • Set a collection deadline
  • View and choose the collection site (or sites) based on the applicant address, client address, or a different custom location
  • Allow the applicant to choose the collection site if using QuickApp
  • Schedule the collection appointment or allow the applicant to schedule if using QuickApp
  • Change the reason for testing if desired
  • Automatically generate an applicant passport including the collection site information, a unique applicant barcode, and your branding
  • Set up automatic email delivery of the testing passport or manually print and send
  • Order and receive results via XML if using an integration (with the exception of scheduling, which is an additional step).

Getting started

1. If you’re not already working with i3screen and would like to, you can reach out to them using the contact information here.

2. If you’ve already gotten your i3screen account set up on their side and are ready to start going on TazWorks, you can read our configuration guide to get started.

3. For more information about how the ordering process works with i3screen, read our i3screen ordering guide.

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