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New: Adding attachments to archived reports

We have now added the ability for CRAs to be able to add attachments to reports that have passed their file lock date, so that you can add dispute information or any other applicable attachments as needed after this date.
If you have set up the optional file exporting for that client to add a copy of the report to the external server, this will not be affected. This means that the attachments you add will be visible and accessible within the software, but since the report has already been exported, the attachments will not be added to the external server.
If you do not have exporting turned on for that client, you will be able to add attachments as needed with no other issues.

More coming soon:

  • Adding a 365-day option for when reports are locked and optionally exported to the archive
  • Making the report lock and optional export timeframe dependent just on the completion date rather than the expiration date, to decrease confusion
  • Adding a 7-year option for data purging (in addition the already planned 1-5 year options)—again, NO DATA IS BEING PURGED now or when these new settings are added. This is just to give you the chance to configure how you would like this to work within your system.
  • Re-labeling and organizing these settings to make them easier to understand.
  • Option to set an archived report as restricted.

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