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National Credit Reporting Association to focus on Resident Screening

SALT LAKE CITY— (May 27, 2009) — The National Credit Reporting Association (NCRA), which has been serving the interests of Credit Reporting Agencies since 1992, has made the commitment to focus energy and influence on helping Resident Screening Agencies.
A well-respected trade association which protects the unique interests of resident screening is long overdue. The NCRA has strong relationships with Fair Housing, HUD, and various consumer groups, as well as the FTC. These ties, along with the NCRA’s power and influence, will finally give the Resident Screening industry a legitimate legislative voice.
“I urge you to join me, along with your peers, to join forces with NCRA. Together we will better be able to influence government and learn about new laws, best practices, and suppliers, while collaborating on how to best protect our industry,” said Barton Taylor, president of TazWorks.
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