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TazWorks is adding more channels for you to get the support you deserve

But growing also brings risks and can create opportunities for accidental gaps or loss of requests. To ensure that we continue providing the best service possible, we’re formalizing our structure for how concerns and requests are routed. Going forward, rather than talking to the same person each time, you will be working with the TazWorks employees who have the most control over each functional area and are best able to address each issue you have.
We are still 100% committed to providing personal service, and we truly value the relationships we have built with each and every one of you (and look forward to building them even more at our user group this year!). By providing these different contact points, we hope to help you connect with even more people in the company and be able to serve you even better.
Support, bugs, and feature requests


We have a phenomenal support team we’re very proud of. We’re told repeatedly by new customers that our support is better than all our competitors. They have the tools to quickly figure out what’s happening in any situation, and they also make sure that feature requests are all filed in the same place for fast and thorough evaluation and development where needed.
We have a new team purely focused on integrations, so if you have questions about how integrations work, need help getting them set up, or have requests for new ones, this is the right place to go. This team knows the most about integrations so they’re the best people to talk to.
Pricing and partnerships
Our sales team isn’t just about selling. They’re here to support our valued customers as much as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns involving pricing or contracts, please reach out to them!
Legal and compliance
We now have a team specifically focused on legal and compliance issues, so if you need assistance in this area, please reach out to them to get the best and most current information.
Please note, if you have disputes about the results of a background search, those can only be resolved directly by the vendor who provided the search information.
RFP information requests
We now have documentation of any information you need to be able to respond to RFPs embedded within InstaScreen, so you can get everything you need immediately without even having to ask. You can access this document from within the contact info on InstaScreen, or by adding `/rfp/index.taz` to your InstaScreen URL.
For example: https://demo.instascreen.net/rfp/index.taz.
Because we’re committed to providing you with the best service possible, you may notice that we more frequently forward you to the people who are involved in each of these specific areas. All of the contact information listed above has also been updated in the “Contact Us” section within InstaScreen, so it’ll always be easily accessible.

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