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More New Hires: Can't Stop Won't Stop

Meet the newest members of the TazWorks team:
Emily Brooks, our new Customer Support Representative, adds a little spice to the TazWorks team. She says Seattle feels the most like home, but she comes from all over the place, having lived in Michigan, Tennessee, California, Utah, Washington and even Germany. Willkommen! (Welcome!) She already has customer service experience under her belt, having worked for the 5K Foam Fest as a customer service representative. Emily loves working with people and helping them problem solve. In her free time, she enjoys running, biking, playing the drums and can be bribed with Netflix and pizza.
Tyler Smith, coming to us from Western Governor’s University, recently joined TazWorks’ development team. Tyler always had a desire to learn how to develop and discovered his passion for it while receiving his college education at Brigham Young University. After graduation, he worked for Ekiwi, a screen-scraping software company. After mastering that, he went on to Western Governor’s University to develop the website as part of the marketing team and later, to work with the IT team. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys a little competition in any of the following: Star Craft 2, Mine Craft, Wii games and board games.
David Tanner, another new developer, first got into developing as a kid after his Dad bought one of the early home PCs. David became interested in learning how it worked and started playing with it. He went on to study Computer Science at the University of Utah. He currently has close to 10 years of developing experience under his belt having worked for Utah State University Extension, BoxWorks, GE Healthcare, and CR England. In his spare time, David enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and young daughter.
Jamie Mascherino first started developing in 1996 after watching her father work for Evans and Sutherland. She became enthralled by the labs and technology involved. Eventually, Jamie applied for a job at the same company and after only working there for 3 weeks, they moved her up to an intern position in the engineering department and taught her how to write software. The rest is history. Since then, Jamie has worked for Progression Marketing, Software Technology Group, Overstock, GE Healthcare, Learn Frame, and Sonic Innovations. She loves the creation process involved in developing and being able to see how the software benefits peoples’ lives. When she’s not developing, Jamie enjoys spending time with her 4 kids and husband in the great outdoors.

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