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Management Reports – Date Fields Updated

TazWorks has added clarity to the date fields in all the management reports. This will make it easier to identify at a glance what is being pulled in the report. All knowledge-based articles have been changed to reflect this and below is a list of the verbiage change. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to support@tazworks.com. 

All Start Date and End Dates will be removed, and the new field will say what is below depending the search/report type selected 


  • Decision Report 

    • Order Completed Date or Decision Date (based on selection) 
  • Hit Ratio 

    • Search Centric – Search Completed Date 
    • Report Centric – Order Completed Date 
  • Metadata Report 

    • Order Created Date or Order Completed Date (based on selection) 
  • Product Utilization 

    • Search Type – Search Created Date 
    • Industry Type – Order Created Date 
  • Productivity Report 

    • Searches Completed – Search Completed Date 
    • Reports Completed – Order Completed Date 
    • All Activity Snapshot – Completed Date 
  • Resident Analysis Report 

    • Decision Analysis – Scorecard Completed Date 
    • Rent Analysis – Scorecard Completed Date 
  • Sales Reports 

    • Sales – Charge Created Date 
    • Trailing Sales – Charge Created Date 
    • Sales Comparison – Charge Created Date 
  • Status Reporting 

    • Complete Reports – Order Completed Date 
    • Incomplete Reports – No Date 
    • Pending Searches – No Date 
  • Time Service Report 

    • Completed by Report – Order Completed Date or Order Created Date (based on selection) 
    • Completed by Search Type – Search Completed Date or Search Created Date (based on selection) 
    • In Progress by Search Status – No Date 


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