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Alere eScreen

Located in Overland Park, KS, Alere eScreen® was founded in 1998 as the pioneer manufacturer and provider of drug screening technology and web-based applications for the hiring and maintaining of efficient workforces. 

Alere eScreen set the new standard for drug testing program management and directly affected the evolution of employee drug screening, including the introduction of the industry’s only instrumented point of care urine drug screen, the first-to-market paperless chain of custody form, the first integrated web-based result reporting tool featuring Alere eScreen’s exclusive ‘closed loop’ model and the first approved collections management process on the market to generate an electronic custody and control form (eCCF®) for both non-regulated and regulated use. 

Beyond the drug test, Alere eScreen offers the single largest electronically enabled network leveraging the proprietary ePhysical® software suite to manage Department of Transportation (DOT) physical assessments and other occupational health services. As a result of our constant focus on innovation and customer service, Alere eScreen has grown into one of the largest employment screening program managers in the country.

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