Tenant ScoreCard

Quickly and impartially analyze credit, criminal and eviction history

Scoring Recommendations

Scoring Recommendations

Applicants receive a “Pass,” “Fail” or “Conditional” recommendation.
Custom Automation

Custom Automation

Create objective recommendations tailored to each landlord’s requirements.
Multiple Applicants

Multiple Applicants

Score individual or multiple applicants for a combined recommendation.

Eliminate Inconsistency

Your clients will enjoy improved decision turnaround time, reduced delinquency rates, and simplified compliance.

Available recommendation criteria include:

  • Income-to-rent ratio
  • Income-to-debt ratio
  • Credit Score
  • Trade-line payment history
  • Collection/charge off history
  • Bankruptcy history
  • Tax lien history
  • Judgement history
  • “Type” and “Date” of credit limits