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InstaScreen Feature Release Notes 2013-08-21

eScreen: We have given a lot of attention to the drug screen registration process, and we trust it is now ready for the light of day. We are grateful to the early adopters of this feature who patiently provided us with constructive feedback as we smoothed out the rough edges. If you are interested in this feature, we suggest watching the training video entitled “eScreen Pre-registration” found in the Help page of InstaScreen™ background check and drug screening software.
Invoice Export: A few new data export fields are now included on the CSV export file.

  • Billing contact name and email address are now included.
  • Applicant’s first, last, and middle names have been included to “Export With Details.”

Completed Emails: “Completed Emails” are now branded with the Affiliate Background Screening Company phone and fax numbers.
Drug Screen Registration…Take two!

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