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Identity Verification is in High Demand Due to the Recent Pandemic

We had to quickly change our work environment and enact a portion of our business continuity plan by moving everyone virtual, following recommended guidelines. This has allowed us to continue business and protect our staff, partners and customers. 

Becoming virtual means more communication via computers and mobile devices. Almost everyone is communicating virtually one way or another, whether that be for a business meeting, a sales opportunity, or even your healthcare provider. Workplace and technology must be secured and reliable as we push forward and continue our day-to-day tasks. 

TazWorks, the leader for technology in the background screening agency, offers robust tools to meet the needs for you and your clients. Ask a representative about Consent Identity Verification (CIV), to ensure security and confirmation of the consumers identity when completing an electronic background check. Reach out to TazSupport for more information, or your Taz Account Manager to use CIV! 

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