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Add white-label ATS services to your offerings through our partnership with HiringThing

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our network of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) integrations, HiringThing.
In today’s background screening industry, CRAs need ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. HiringThing’s TazWorks-enabled white label offering is just the solution, allowing CRA’s to directly address customer’s hiring workflows, trusting your organization with their entire candidate process and giving them yet another reason to never leave.  HiringThing offers a unique approach to sourcing, screening and hiring exceptional talent. By taking advantage of their extensive array of highly customizable options, CRA’s can confidently meet their client’s unique screening needs.

HiringThing offers CRA’s the following two ways to utilize this powerful integration:

White Label ATS

Take advantage of their full white label option, including full rebranding, support and onboarding, plus…

  • Deliver more value to your clients
  • Insulate your client base (you don’t want them going to another ATS that has a different CRA built in)
  • Ingrain yourself in your clients day to day workflow

ATS Reseller

This integrated partnership option gives CRA’s flexibility, allowing them to offer HiringThing directly to their customer – featuring a full integration with CRA’s background check platform
Some of the many benefits of this integration include:

  • Seamless Integration – Track applicants and easily send background checks within one system and keep recruiters within the applicant workflow
  • Easier and Faster – Ordering background becomes incredibly easy with the ability to send bulk background checks, creating instant efficiency
  • Automate – Build custom triggers to automatically deploy background checks with a simple status update
  • Set yourself apart – Offer a higher level of service than other CRA’s and close your next sale

TazWorks is committed to providing their clients with the most comprehensive network of integrations in the industry. The addition of HiringThing is testament to this commitment and will prove to be yet another invaluable tool. For more information, please contact a TazWorks support representative.

With this integration, clients can

  • Manually or “auto request” background checks
  • Be notified when a background check has been completed
  • View background screening results from within the ATS.

Ordering view

client view of ordering background and drug tests

Report results view

client reports results view

Join our webinar to learn more!

Interested in learning more? You can see everything in action and ask questions in our webinar next week. Register now and ask your questions below to learn everything you need to effectively sell this integration to your clients.
Already want to get started? Contact our integrations team at integrations@tazworks.com to get set up with HiringThing.

About HiringThing

Founded in 2012, HiringThing is an award-winning applicant tracking system, designed to help companies save time, resources and money by posting jobs online, accepting resumes and sorting through applicants using this easy-to-use, intuitive software. For more information, call 888-769-2023, email info@hiringthing.com or visit www.hiringthing.com.

Cost of TazWorks and HiringThing integration

There is no fee from TazWorks; however, there may be a fee from HiringThing. You must contact them to establish partnership following the process below and obtain pricing information.

Getting started with HiringThing

To get started with an integration between HiringThing and TazWorks, follow the process below. The process takes between one and two weeks.
Step 1: Contact our integrations team at integrations@tazworks.com with your request and client name.
Step 2: TazWorks will introduce you to HiringThing to start the process.
Step 3: Once you are an official partner of HiringThing, the client configuration begins.
Step 4: TazWorks configures and passes credentials needed to the HiringThing team.
Step 5: HiringThing configures TazWorks credentials into their system.
Step 6: HiringThing works closely with your client/end-user to ensure proper testing and activation of the integration.
Step 7: TazWorks follows the activation and testing process to ensure success.

Understanding and selling integration solutions

Basics of User Integrations
Selling integrations: The Why
Unsolicited post-back solutions
SSO as a client opportunity

Sign up for our webinar with HiringThing now to see this integration in action, and submit your questions in the comments below!

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