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You can now force include jurisdictions for specific searches

One of our most requested features is now here: you can now set jurisdictions to always be included for a specific search and product!
The Jurisdiction Selection Tool makes it easy for you to decide what jurisdictions are most relevant to your search, but there may be cases where you want to always include a specific jurisdiction no matter what, such as the jurisdiction where a client is based, and we’ve now made it easy for you to set this preference.
For County Criminal Records or State Criminal Court searches, you can select what jurisdictions to always include in specific searches by going to Admin >> Manage Products and selecting the product you wish to change. There is no limit to how many jurisdictions you can set to always include, but each jurisdiction included will still be charged at the normal rate for you and your client(s).
After you’ve included a jurisdiction(s), it will then be visible within your product configuration. It will also show during the ordering process, along with any other jurisdictions that you would otherwise include.
(And yes, the opposite functionality, to force exclude a jurisdiction, is very high on our to-do list!)

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