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Focusing on InstaScreen's design for even easier use: New UI team

But we’re not satisfied with just staying where we are—we want to keep modernizing our platform to make it as easy to use as possible and accessible from more and more devices than ever before, so you and your clients can do your jobs without wasting time on anything.

To create an even better experience, we’ve created a new UI (user interface) team to lead the way. James Vreeken is dreaming up our vision of the future as our first full-time designer, and we’re already thrilled by the beautiful layouts he’s been creating.

We also have two new frontend developers to turn these designs into reality: Mike Hoffert and Evan Meidell.

It was vital to us that we not slow down on innovating and expanding all our other features in the slightest, so we made sure this team was an addition to all our other plans, with more team members joining to increase our momentum even more.
We’re excited by the new designs they’ve already been creating and how much they’ll be able to help you do your own work even faster and more effectively. We’ll be announcing the first fruits of their labors soon, so keep an eye out!

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