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February Support Spotlight: Andi Poulson

Andi Poulson

Q: What has been the most challenging part of your transition here at TazWorks?
A: Learning the ins and outs of our software! I have quite a bit of experience working in the screening industry before I came to TazWorks, and I was somewhat familiar with the system. What I didn’t realize was just how comprehensive and broad our system is. The depth of what clients can do within InstaScreen was both impressive and daunting when I first started. I’m still always learning!
Q: How would you describe your job at TazWorks to a friend or family member?
A: That’s hard question because everyone on the support team wears a lot of hats. As far as my personal job responsibilities, I’d say I’m a combination of customer service representative, system training liaison and technical support provider. I also enjoy helping research consumer disputes for our partners.
Q: What have you enjoyed most about working at TazWorks so far?
A: My coworkers. It’s been so much fun getting to know all the funny, interesting and talented people I work with. Last June, I moved back to Utah with my husband after being in Seattle for nine years. I have really enjoyed building such a strong personal and professional relationship with so many of my coworkers.
Q: Having worked in various capacities within the customer service industry, how would you define customer service?
A: I think customer service, or at least good customer service, is defined as individuals that constantly strive to find solutions to problems, answers to questions and assistance whenever needed. I like to make sure I go above and beyond and solve the problem without causing further headaches for the customer.
Q: What does a day away from TazWorks look like for you?
A: I tend to have a bit of wanderlust. I love traveling and exploring exciting new places, which is one of the things I love most about Utah. I’m never more than a short drive from some of the country’s most incredible national parks and mountain resorts. Whenever we get the chance, my husband and I love to take our dogs and just get outside. Although I must admit I’m a huge Seahawks and Sounders fan, so when they have a game, you’ll find me glued to my TV at home cheering (screaming) for my team.
Q: If you had to narrow it down to three words, how would you describe yourself?
A: I’d say I’m patient, or at least I make every effort to be. I also think I’m a very persistent person and am driven to overcoming any new challenges. I also feel like I’m a caring and empathetic person. I always want to solve everyone’s problems and make them happy.
Q: Tell us something about yourself that might surprise people.
A: Back in my younger years, I was a bit more daring than I am now—specifically when it came to my hair. I’m confident that I circulated through just about every length, color and style of hair imaginable. A few other fun facts: I’ve never had a cavity, I spent a year interacting with lots of animals while volunteering at a wildlife rehab clinic and I used to do some pet sitting for a couple of Seahawks players.
Andi is a valued addition to our team and our screening agency clients are constantly expressing their appreciation for her hard work and dedication. Thank you for everything you do for us here at TazWorks, Andi. We love having you as a friend and teammate!

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