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InstaScreen Background Screening Software Feature Release 2012-11-01

Search Editor: When working on Verification searches, the search editor will now display the applicant’s phone number and include the applicant’s e-mail address as a hyperlink. This includes Employment, Education, Residence, and Reference Verification searches. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012] Friendlier Security: In the ongoing struggle to balance the needs of both usability and security, we have made the following changes.1. A consequence of hardening InstaScreen against common Internet threats is that double-clicking on a link or button would in many cases automatically log users out of the system. To help prevent this from occurring, we have added a system-wide delay to effectively prevent double-clicking. Most should not notice any change in user experience, but if you have happy fingers, the link will now still open, but without triggering the security logout. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]2. To help encourage the adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication (which every one of you really should be using… if you are not, please feel very guilty), we have updated the Client Setup > Preferences > Login Security area. Now, if MFA is enabled, the “Require User Password Change Every:” dropdown will include options for 120 and 180 days. This means you can require your client to change passwords less frequently, while at the same time benefiting from the compensating increased security of using MFA.
Manage Drug Abuse Panels: The management buttons in Manage Drug Abuse Panels have been expanded to include a [COPY] button. This will copy the name and selected panels in existing Drug Abuse Panels, like the Copy function in other management lists. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]
Advanced Search for Searches: When using the Searches tab in the Advanced Search option, you may now search using a specified time period in conjunction with the other search criteria. This will help to narrow your search, especially in the case of common names or repeat verifications. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]Batch Ordering: For CRAs and clients utilizing the batch order feature, we have added the ability to order Reference, Personal Reference, and Professional Reference searches. For instructions on how to include requests for these searches in your batch file, please contact Support.
Yardi Interface Update: One of the keys to our clients’ success is the strong relationship we have with leading Applicant Tracking and Property Management Systems, including our many seamless integrations. As you may know, Yardi has recently announced the creation of their “Standard Interface Partnership Program.” Moving forward, companies such as TazWorks that wish remain enabled as an integrated partner in the Yardi Voyager platform must participate in the Partnership Program. As you likely know the annual fee for participation is $25,000!
Please know that TazWorks is committed to maintaining this relationship so you will continue to have this valuable sales tool at your disposal, and as such we will be covering the cost of participation for the first year. This represents a significant capital outlay, however so we will be reviewing all aspects of our participation and the benefits to our clients when the renewal comes up next year. Depending on the growth of the program and the overall value to all parties, we may ask for client participation to help offset the fee in coming years.
Quicklease Pro Update: QuickLease Pro™ continues to add features and is excited to announce it’s newest feature: Lease Form Generation. Tenant screening agencies can retain clients, win new business, and make more money by offering their own branded ATS software. Read more…Farewell Internet Explorer 7, We Hardly Knew Ye: As part of our usability initiative, we have found that the development time and effort required to support the quirks of Internet Explorer 7 are no longer justifiable. We have addressed those issues we have identified on this release, but will no longer support IE7 in future releases. We strongly encourage you and your clients who are still using IE7 to upgrade to the latest browser supported by your operating system. From a security, performance, and user experience perspective you will be glad you did.Helpful Tip: Recently we have noticed some of our users have had issues with the “Recover Password” feature. The most common issue is not receiving the e-mail. To make the best use of this feature we are encouraging our users to go into their own user profile and verify the e-mail address field is filled out correctly. If there is an incorrect or non-existent e-mail address in your user profile, the system has no way to get you your reset password link.

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