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You can now exclude archived files from your simple search results

You can now choose to exclude archived files from your simple search results. The files archived will depend on what data retention settings you have configured. If you’re not sure what settings you have configured, learn more about reviewing them here.

Excluding archived files by default

Step 1: Go to My Profile by clicking on your icon in the top right. To learn more about settings you can configure under My Profile, click here.

menu accound circle dropdown with the my profile option in a red rectangle

Step 2: Check the box next to simple search default to exclude archived files by default.

simple search default with a dropdown for eamil and a checkbox marked in red to exclude the email files

Click Save to save your changes.
Archived files will no longer display when you run a simple search.

From simple search results

You can also turn this option off manually on the simple search results page on a case-by-case basis. If you have excluded archived files as your default, the box will automatically be checked when you search for a file number, email, last name, etc.

search results page with a checkmark for excluded archived files and a red box around it

If you have the box set to exclude archived files, you can deselect the option and the results will refresh and display archived results again. The status of the files will show if they have been archived.

search results with the status marked with a red box

If your default is to display archived files in your simple search results, you can check the box to exclude archived files and the results will refresh to exclude them.

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