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New option to exclude aliases from auto-ordering in the Jurisdiction Selection Tool

Next week we will be adding a new option for you to exclude alias names provided during data entry from being processed by the Jurisdiction Selection Tool.

What changed before:

In November, we made a change to QuickApp at the request of many of our users so that if the Jurisdiction Selection Tool is set to Empowerment or Automation and the product is not set up to restrict the number of searches, the system will auto-order all counties that meet the JST filter criteria. (Before this change, it would already do this if the product was set to automation and the order was placed directly in the system, but if it was in QuickApp, it would only create a search out of the applicant’s current address, ignoring all past addresses.)
Many of our users were thrilled that this change meant that alias names entered at order time were also included, but some were unhappy with this change, since it ran more searches than they wanted to perform. So we are now providing an option to turn this functionality off for the alias names.

What’s changing now:

In your Advanced Settings for the Jurisdiction Selection Tool (Manage Product >> Select product >> Product scope >> JST Advanced Settings >> Search Filtering section), there will be a new checkbox to “Exclude alias names provided during data entry from the filtered jurisdictions.”

Jurisdiction Selection Tool Exclude Alias

By default, this new option is unchecked, which means that nothing at all will change from how your system is currently processing unless you take action. So if you like the way the Jurisdiction Selection Tool is functioning, nothing will change, but if you want to exclude applicant-provided aliases, you can now do that.
If you check this box, the aliases that are provided by the applicant will not be ordered automatically if the Jurisdiction Selection Tool is set to empowerment or automation, AND the order is placed:

  • Directly in TazWorks software (for Empowerment, the options will not be selected by default, since they already are not ordered by default)
  • Via QuickApp (this does not affect QuickApp Pro)
  • Using XML Ready (the JST does not affect XML orders that process instantly).

This will not affect the aliases that are normally developed by the Jurisdiction Selection Tool when it does a person search based on header data. It will still do this work as it normally would, but it will only base it off the official applicant name, not all the other applicant-entered aliases.
All other options will continue to work as normal. The developed jurisdictions will still appear under the Developed Jurisdictions List, and those ones will still be selected by default, or according to your existing settings. The other aliases that were entered during data entry will also be available in the Developed Jurisdictions List, but will not be selected by default and won’t be ordered if it’s set to Automation or Empowerment.

Release timing:

This will go out to our A group users on Monday night, and to all CRAs on Tuesday night. Regardless of when the setting becomes available to you, it will not change any functionality for you or your clients unless you choose to turn this setting on.

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