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Drug screening updates: Intermediate status emails and split specimen testing

We’ve made a couple new updates to our substance abuse screening integrations to give you more flexibility than ever.

Intermediate status emails now available

We have added the ability for CRA users to receive email notifications of intermediate status messages from drug screening providers. This allows you and others you choose to be notified automatically of the status for the substance abuse screening panel without having to manually access the system and view the message in the Vendor/Researcher notes, which can save you time and serve as a reminder to take action. You can set this email to be sent to yourself, another person within your CRA, or even multiple people if desired.
Learn how to set this up for the following substance
abuse screening providers:

After these are configured, the email status message will
include the applicant’s file number and status from the substance abuse
screening provider both in the subject line and body of the e-mail.

Optional split specimen testing added for non-DOT orders

All DOT urine panels for Quest and LabCorp are automatically ordered as split specimen, and this has now been added as an optional setting for non-DOT screens as well. Split specimen testing lets the vendor know that they should split the applicant’s urine specimen into two containers. One sample is used for the initial test, and if it comes back positive, the second sample is used for a confirmation test. This allows the applicant/employee to request a second substance abuse screening be done at a different lab as well and helps ensure proper procedures are being followed. In some cases, the applicant will be contacted by the physician reviewing the results to make sure there are no medical or other reasons for the result.

Split specimen testing for quest

To order a split specimen test for a non-DOT substance abuse screening, check the Request split sample for urine panel box on the order screen.

tazworks software collection site menu with a request sample for urine panel checkbox

Split specimen testing for LabCorp

To order a split specimen test for non-DOT substance abuse screening for LabCorp, check the Request split sample for urine panel box on the ordering screen.

software menu with a checkbox to request split sample for urine panel
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