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Disclosure letters: Introducing Jurisdictional Components

Quick Summary

Gone are the days of waiting for software sample disclosure defaults to be updated or calling L2 support to add a custom set after a politician in New York, California, or Timbuktu has an urge to enhance the FCRA based on a bad narrow-minded personal experience of their nephew!

You can now create what engineers have titled “Jurisdictional Components” to craft disclosures for the specific needs of any jurisdiction that has a new state, county or city requirement beyond those of the FCRA.

Combine the new Jurisdictional Components together with established federal requirements to create a disclosure letter or form, such as pre-adverse action/adverse action and 613a notices.

Your disclosure letters and notices you set up using this feature will dynamically pull jurisdictional component information based on:

  • Employment state
  • Applicant’s address
  • Set it to use the client address 
  • Or you can require specific jurisdictions for a client.

You can look forward to having the ability to add jurisdictional components to QuickApp and 613a automation in the near future!

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