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Disclosure letters will now be saved as attachments to a report file

We’ve now added the ability for disclosure letters to be automatically saved as a PDF attachment to the file of an applicant after they are sent, so that you will have an exact copy of the letter, including any dates or other replacement keywords, and more. This allows you to have complete documentation of exactly what was sent and when for future reference, in the case of audits, disputes, litigation, or anything else you may encounter, so you and your clients have everything you need right at your fingertips.
Here is what will happen:

  • For emailed disclosures, the copy will be saved to the file as soon as it is emailed.
  • For printed disclosures, a copy will be saved upon printing.
  • The disclosure attachments in the file will be viewable by clients.
  • If the same disclosure is resent or reprinted, the file will retain a copy of each version of the disclosure sent.
  • If you have turned on the optional exporting of a copy of this client’s reports to the external archive server, the disclosure copy will be included (along with all other attachments).

This will begin happening automatically without any additional work on your side. We hope this change is helpful to your disclosure processes and record keeping!

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