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Reminder: New data management and purge settings now available

We’re excited to let you know that new settings are now available to help you manage your data, including when it is purged from our systems, as well as expanding the options on some of our other settings based on your feedback. These settings give you the most control and flexibility possible to fit the needs of you and your clients.

File purge settings

You now have the ability for you to configure several settings related to when data is deleted from TazWorks. NOTHING is being purged yet. This is just adding the settings for you to configure. The file purge settings include:

  • Set report data to purge 1-7 years after a report is completed (longer timeframe added based on user feedback)
  • Set inquiry string data to purge 3-7 years after a report is completed (longer timeframe added based on user feedback).

By default, your purge timeframe will be set to 5 years, but it will NOT go into effect at this time.

tazworks file purge with options for how long and/or for legal hold


Learn more about how the file purging options work here.

Longer timeframes for locking and archiving files

We’ve also added a 1-year and 2-year option for when your files are locked from further editing and exported to the external archive (if applicable), based on your feedback. Thank you for collaborating with us in this process!
Any changes you make to these settings will apply to all reports moving forward, but will not change any files that have already been locked or archived.

Lock timeframe based on completion date

Previously, the timeframe for when your files would lock (and optionally be exported to the external archive) was based on your report’s expiration date. We’ve changed this to now be based on the report completion date to be easier to understand and update. The new lock timeframes are 40, 90, 120, 150, or 365 days, or 2 years.
Your settings will be migrated from the previous as follows:

  • If you previously had the lock timeframe set to 60 days after expiration, it is now set to 150 days after completion, to stay consistent with the total timeframe you previously had set that included the expiration.
  • If you previously had the lock timeframe set to 10 days after expiration, it will now be set at 40 days after completion, to stay consistent with the previous timeframe you had set, since it no longer includes the expiration timeframe.

You can edit these settings in the same place as before.

file lock option dropdown selected on 150 days after completion


Additional resources

For more information how to configure your settings and what they mean, see the links below:

Next Steps

The last phase of our data retention rollout (which will actually turn data purging on) will come soon. We have not set a firm date, as we will base it on how many questions and concerns or additional assistance CRAs have after we roll out this next phase, to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible before we move forward. We will give you at least 30 days’ notice before we turn on data purging.

Join our data management sessions at TazWorks User Group!

Our TazWorks User Group is less than a month away, and we have two sessions dedicated just to this topic.
If your files are locking according to your settings, copies are snugly settling in to the external archive, and… now you’re wondering what’s next, this is your chance to get all your questions answered! How do you find the information you need? What do you do with your reports? What’s going to be deleted when, and how do you prepare? Learn how to confidently manage your your data management and retention settings to fit your company’s and clients’ needs.

View our agenda here and register now if you haven’t yet!

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