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Custom Reports Now Available

Over time, we’ve begun receiving more and more requests for custom queries, but these pose two significant issues: security risks if the information is sent over email, and overloads on our development team that detract from working on other projects that benefit all CRAs.
As such, we’ve now added a custom reports functionality, so that once we set up your custom report according to your specifications, you can generate a report on this information whenever you want—or even make it so that your clients can view and run this report as well.
This gives you more autonomy over how often you want to run reports, if you want your clients to run their own reports, and what information you want to pull when running a report—and gives you all the information you need in the most secure way possible.
Because of the development work involved, there is a one-time setup fee for custom reports. If you would like to create a custom report, please contact our support team at support@tazworks.com or call 801-572-7401 to put in your request and get pricing.
Learn more about how custom reports work here.

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