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Use new custom item codes for substance abuse panel invoicing

You can now add a custom Item Code to your substance abuse
panels. This allows you to input a custom item code for substance abuse panel. Since there are multiple variations of drug panel screenings you can run, it benefits both you and the client when accounting to be able to have a custom item code for each one.
This will help you with:

  • Accounting: Run weekly, monthly, or quarterly totals based on custom item codes.
  • Organization: You can organize drug panels by custom names, vendor name, types, or jurisdictions.
  • Reconcile invoices: Using custom item codes is a great way to help reconcile totals with your vendor on your invoices.
  • Usage Insights: For example, you can include the county name in your custom item code; this would give you a better picture of the volume of screenings being ran in a specific county. You can take this into consideration when pricing for your customers or negotiating a discount with a vendor.

How it works

Under Admin >>
Manage Substance Abuse Panels
select an existing or create a new drug panel search,
you will see a new
field called custom item code.

TazWorks software menu with item code option

When you enter your code here, it is automatically given the prefix SAD_CSTM_ to indicate it is a custom code on billing charges and on invoices.

these item codes begin with sad for substance abuse detection

In the example above you can see there is a custom item code for a DOT Panel and a Non-DOT Drug Panel.

Invoice export options

Adding overrides

You can add code overrides under Admin >> Manage CRA >> Billing Options tab >> Invoice Export Options section.
Use the dropdown next to the export inventory item field to select item code. Next, click the override button.

TazWorks software with an inventory item code dropdown and override option

At the bottom of the override export income account module, you will see the new custom drug panel override options.

tazworks software with substance abuse detection menus with custom inputs for substance abuse codes

Click Save to save any changes you make to your override item codes.
When you create your invoice, the IncomeAccount column will display any overrides you have set up. To learn more about creating invoices, check out our guide.

Have questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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