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TazWorks CRA Marketplace offers users a portal to the screening industry’s most cutting edge services, technologies, and tools. Explore the endless possibilities available to you with the help of your new marketplace partners.

The CRA Marketplace currently hosts partnerships that specialize in industry consultants, HR technologies, screening tools, and legal services. Each of these partners has been carefully selected and vetted, with your business in mind.

Consulting Services
Consulting, M&A & Services for CRAs

Celebrating its 20th year, Berg Consulting Group helps CRAs to grow, cut costs, analyze & optimize vendors, acquire businesses and divest when the time comes.

Screening Tools
Consent Based SSN Verification and IRS Income & Employer Verification

For superlative PII validation, use Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) to match applicant Name, SSN, DOB & Death Indicator directly to SSA Master File. Use IRS Income Tax Return and Employer Verification to reveal applicant history directly to the official IRS database.

Screening Tools

ClearForce provides end-user technology that is essential for a significant new continuous monitoring line of business. We enable client HR, Security and Legal departments to execute a consistent, compliant investigative workflow process required for numerous types of monitoring.

Consulting Services

CRAzoom has a program that provides you with everything you need to become PBSA Accredited--bulleted instructions and all documentation (policy, procedure, employee handbook stipulation, user agreement stipulation, affidavit, checklist, instruction manual, etc.)

Screening Tools
Rapid Drug Tests/Instant Drug Tests

DrugTestsInBulk.Com is a National provider of Drug & Alcohol rapid testing devices. Consider us your "Virtual" warehouse as we will drop ship your orders directly to your clients. Over 400 skews to choose from.

HR Technologies
Social Media Screening

Ferretly is an AI-powered social media screening platform that allows analysts and investigators to perform a thorough analysis of a subject's social media posts. Ferretly's reports are legally compliant and above all insightful.

Consulting Services
M&A Advisory & Management Consulting

We advise, manage, and consult on strategic initiatives to either organically grow, acquire, sell, integrate, or transform small-to-mid market companies through our unique advisory and management consulting services to unlock value through M&A and revenue and growth programs.

HR Technologies

Humantelligence’s people and talent analytics solution provides talent insights to optimize performance and recruiting for predictive success at the individual, team, or corporate level. Our “EQ Everywhere” solution leads to better connection, communication, and collaboration.

Screening Tools
Canadian Background Checks

Defining Tomorrow with Information Today: Leaders in Canadian Research

Screening Tools
Education Verification

MeasureOne is the leading solution for consent based education verification. We offer real-time verification of degree attainment, attendance dates and more for 100% of US-based colleges. Our competitively priced, pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to try our product risk-free.

Consulting Services
Industry Consulting

A boutique advisory exclusively focused on the background screening and risk management industries.

Screening Tools
Global Screening

Successful international screening requires screeners to obtain more than just data from their provider. It requires help and compliance systems from your provider. NetForce has the industry experts and the Continuous Global Compliance Management™ system. Trust the experts.

Screening Tools
Live Scan Fingerprinting Services, Software, and Hardware

PrintScan is a full-service fingerprinting, live scan hardware, and software provider. We service individuals and clients of all sizes and specialize is customizing live scan solutions to meet the needs of any business.

Screening Tools
Social IQ Reports

Social Discovery IQ is the leading provider of social media background reports to the HR marketplace. Chosen as the sole provider to largest risk mitigation company in the world, we deliver curated and analyzed social media reports that deliver results for all applications.

HR Technologies
The Social Intel Report

With over 50 partnerships, Social Intelligence™ is the only social media CRA that has been successfully reviewed by the FTC. The actionable and concise SI Report™ has complimented other background screening programs for 10 years powered by AI and our team of FCRA-trained analysts

Consulting Services
Consulting Service

Kevin Bachman is The CRA Doctor & host of Background Check Radio. An executive providing financial, strategic & operational solutions to CRAs, he also helps end users create optimal screening programs. He is available for (virtual!) speaking engagements and training sessions.

Screening Tools
Verification & Monitoring Automation

Credential verification for the modern workforce.

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