Social Intel

The Social Intel Report™ is a scalable background screening solution utilizing web and social data. We help companies leverage bias-free public content in their employment decisions without a messy, complicated workflow. 

Intolerance, sexism, and violence are leading concerns at all levels of the employee lifecycle. Our SI Report™ summarizes problematic online behavior and enhances existing background screening programs to identify trustworthy contributors for safe and productive workplaces.

Social Intelligence’s compliant and ethical approach is powered by our team of FCRA-trained analysts who can identify wholly human patterns like parody, sarcasm, or innuendo in flagged content. Day in and day out, we marry content and context so that nothing is misinterpreted or falsely attributed.

Apply Social Intelligence™ to accomplish compliant screening practices with values-based goals.

Industry Focus

Healthcare, Government, Education, Transportation, Volunteer, Employment

Product name

The Social Intel Report

Service Category

HR Technologies

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Whitney Van Pelt
Business Development Manager

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Social Intel