Social Discovery IQ

Founded in 2014, Social Discovery IQ is the leading provider of social media background reports to the HR marketplace. We deliver curated and customized reporting to meet customers’ needs regardless of line of business. Because social media reporting and analysis are dynamic and fluid, Social Discovery IQ stays on top of trends and adapts to rapid changes in social media to deliver quality results to our customers, saving them time and money while providing best-in-class social media intelligence. Our approach leverages software with human moderation on every referral, which helps customers mitigate risk factors and vet referrals for ease of use by HR professionals. There are no shortcuts.

Industry Focus

Healthcare, Government, Education, Transportation, Volunteer, Employment, Tenant

Product name

Social IQ Reports

Service Category

Screening Tools

COntact Information

Nick Brundula
Vice President – Customer Engagement Manager

CRA Marketplace

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Social Discovery IQ