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CRAzoom has a program that provides you with everything you need to become PBSA Accredited. Bulleted exact instructions on what you must do (or ensure you do not do) and any required accompanying documentation (Policy and Procedure, Affidavit, Employee Handbook, Employee Instruction Manual, User Agreement Stipulation, Checklists—everything) are included.

This is not just something you refer to: it is a soft copy template. Your job is not determining what you must do, how to do it, or what you need to say to document it. Your job is to implement the best practices included in the Accreditation standard if you are not currently doing them.

The CRAzoom program will enable you to spend drastically less time (clients have estimated 90-=95% less time) much less and money and without risk of failure if you implement and perform the practices. The program is not a “cheat” or a shortcut—it’s a roadmap with all materials you need included—but you will of course have to implement best practices—which is one of the values of accreditation.

Roughly 8 out 10 CRAs that have become accredited since 2012 have been CRAzoom clients. Many CRAs have used the package for initial accreditation and then again after 5 years for Version 2.0 of the accreditation standard.

If you are a past client of CRAzoom for version 1.0 of the standard, contact me for Version 2.0. You will receive a 50% discount on Version 2.0.

I also work with CRAs as a fractional Compliance Officer. 

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