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ClearForce is focused on assisting CRA’s to build a significant new continuous monitoring line of business. This opportunity for growth requires a comprehensive solution that goes beyond simple data alerts. Some key considerations include:

  • Continuous monitoring has limited utility as a simple data alert with no associated policy action
  • Allowing the employers of the CRA to act on alerts in a manual and subjective manner subjects these employers to mishandling risk and litigation
  • Arrest monitoring is only one of the data options that can be monitored and utilized by the employer. Social media, financial stress, internal and peer reporting can each deliver incremental value for employers looking to provide employee safety and assurance

ClearForce delivers the elements required to address each of these continuous monitoring marketplace needs within the CRA.

ClearForce can assist your CRA with a service that will enable continuous monitoring to truly be a “mission critical solution”. 

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Healthcare, Government, Education, Transportation, Volunteer, Employment, Tenant

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Screening Tools

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Dan Cone
VP, Sales

CRA Marketplace

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ClearForce, Inc.