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Choosing a Background Screening Technology Partner: Step 1

Partner Integrations
In the world of background screening, integration capabilities with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Property Management Systems (PMS) have become a common requirement. ATS and PMS systems allow users to streamline their workflow, eliminate duplication of data entry tasks and monitor candidates as they move through the application process. Integrations with these systems also give the user a vision of all applicant information in one place.
This level of coordinated workflow automation is made possible by the strength of a technology platform’s API/XML gateway, giving users the ability to connect to a wide range of ATS/PMS partners. In order to maximize your investment, it is paramount that you find a background check software partner who provides you with the following:

Data Providers
Screening agencies often waste time copying and pasting from disconnected data provider systems. This increases the likelihood of data entry errors and prolongs completion of the search. To avoid these pitfalls, partner integrations provide automatic dispatch, status updates and a standardized formatting of results, which enables screening agencies to focus on quality and accuracy and minimize the clerical busy work.
Processing Automation
The term “automation” is often thrown around in the software industry, but what does it really mean to have an automated system? How does automation affect business operations and increase ROI?
An automated system eliminates manual tasks like entering each applicant’s information, calling to verify each reference and previous employer and printing consumer disclosures. A great system might even get that nasty glue taste out of your mouth by eliminating the need for “snail mail” correspondence.
Great systems will also increase operational efficiency by providing time saving tools. These tools should allow you to reallocate staff to more productive activities. Wouldn’t it be great if processing full-time employees could be transitioned into sales or more meaningful roles? This is how automation affects your bottom line and how partnering with the right technology provider not only improves your ROI but enables you to provide your clients with more than ever.
Though many technology partners can provide you some level of automation, not all are created equal. What features should you expect from your technology when it comes to automation? Your background screening software partner’s system should:

  • Gather, store, and populate applicant information across different forms and processes.
  • Be capable of providing you with solutions for gathering your investigative report information such as references, job performance, reason for leaving, etc.
  • Be capable of gathering investigative reports like job performance, reason for termination, personal references, etc.
  • Enable innovative, secure, compliant verification solutions

Stay tuned for the next steps in our buyers guide that details the importance of white-glove customer support and what it truly means to have a scalable platform.

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