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Manual employment verification now available through The Work Number

We’re excited to announce that the data provider The Work Number is adding a second vendor for manual employment verifications. This is beneficial if you are running an employment verification through The Work Number and the employer is not found in the database. This new vendor gives you the option to change the product to a manual verification within the order and run the search again, saving you time from having to manually verify the employer information yourself.

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TazWorks Obtains SOC 2 Compliance Attestation Report

TazWorks has satisfied the requirements to receive our SOC 2 attestation report, verifying our controls around the security, availability, and confidentiality of our software, corporate processes, and your data, and helping you win more customers.

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Keep Your Applicant's Data Secure With Knowledge-Based Authentication

Identity theft is a growing problem, and recent data breaches have impacted millions and millions of Americans. Technologies such as Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) can help combat this problem. TazWorks strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology and security; which is why we’re excited to announce we are implementing KBA into our QuickApp feature.

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See what's currently in development at TazWorks

We’re excited to announce you can see what is currently in development at TazWorks! This information is available in our glass house community. This is where you can see what development is currently working on and where it is prioritized in the development process.

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NEW DATE: Changes to the disclosures starting June 12

Starting today, TazWorks will no longer automatically send some of our sample disclosures until you have specifically reviewed, confirmed, and chosen this language. This gives you complete control over the disclosures that are sent through QuickView or the disclosures queue and are accessible to your clients, while still giving you access to TazWorks samples to use as desired, based on the advice of your legal counsel.

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