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Canada Criminal Search – White Label is Now Available

Have you used our new Canadian Criminal search? This search, through Trade House Data, checks the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) for criminal record offenses. Using this search provides a more comprehensive result rather than a standard court search. Consumers need to verify their identity electronically and are directed to disclose their past criminal offenses. This search offers one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry for Canadian Criminal Records.   

Additionally, users can also leverage the ability to white label this search. When white labeling, a specific tag will present a flag that will alert TazWorks that white labeling is set up for the CRA.   

Note: The CRA contact email must match the email set up with the vendor. 


Found in the Manage CRA under the CRA section of the Admin tab and the CRA contact information section of the General tab.   

If you choose to white label, please contact support at support@tradehousedata.com and our team will respond to these requests in a timely manner. 


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