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Choosing a Background Screening Technology Partner: Step 4

Customizable and Brandable Software

Every business, regardless of the industry it operates in, utilizes branding and marketing as part of its business strategy. Companies that build a recognizable and trusted brand can convey uniform quality, credibility and a unique user experience that is the catalyst for continued success. The background screening industry is no exception to this rule. Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) should look for a technology partner that can assist with the following:

Your Brand

Partnering with a great background screening technology provider gives you the ability to seamlessly brand your offerings into a reflection of your company’s image. To meet these goals, basic functionality should include:

  • Setting your color scheme and theme
  • Adding your logo
  • Using your fonts
  • Creating custom report layouts

These basic features are the building blocks for creating a meaningful extension of your marketing strategy.

Your Domain

Technology partners should provide a login portal, placed directly on your marketing site. By creating this single access point, you can help create the type of user friendly brand your clients are looking for. This functionality also assists in creating a singular focus on your company, rather than that of your technology partner.

Your Workflow

Customize more than just aesthetics by tailoring your functionality and workflow. You should be able to edit, organize and create the following:

  • Reports
  • Searches
  • Disclosures
  • Invoices
  • Orders

Distinguish yourself from your competitors by using custom workflows to create a unique user experience for your clients.

Your Solutions

CRAs often oversee various brands or market segments under their umbrella of offerings. Provide your clients with the flavor that best suits their needs. Choose a background screening partner that allows you to represent multiple brands for your unique business model.
Stay tuned for the next step in our buyer’s guide to choosing a technology provider to see the difference between static and evolving technology providers.

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