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ATS and PMS can now receive additional applicant information

Third party integrations, like Applicant Tracking Systems or Property Management Systems, can now receive additional applicant information from us. If applicant information is missing from an ATS, for example, they can request and receive that information from us. This process can help save both your client and the applicant time. Instead of your clients having to reach out to the applicant to enter or provide any missing information, they can receive it from us.
You can configure your settings to allow ATS or PMS systems to receive the following applicant information automatically when an order is complete:

  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Name
  • Address

To configure these settings, go to Admin >> Manage Client >> select client >> Preferences tab.
Step 1: Scroll down to the Applicant Data Post Back settings. You will see your options here.
Step 2: To activate this feature, check the box next to “Include applicant data in final ATS post back.”
Step 3: Select what data you want to include.

Software menu with applicant data in final ats post back checkbox
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