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Background Checking Accreditation Made Painless

NAPBS Accreditation is a background check industry initiative that sets a standard for background screening CRAs and requires compliance over 6 broad areas of performance. As a background screening CRA you must explain exactly what you do to comply, and document your compliance. The standard is daunting and time intensive—but it will become increasingly important to your firm and our industry. RFPs increasingly ask about accreditation status and the FTC is recently focusing its resources on finding background screening CRAs with accreditation non-compliant practices.
CRAzoom’s accreditation package is a comprehensive program to assist background screening CRAs. In short, we have gone through every clause and sub-clause of the standard, explained the clause and then bulleted exactly what must be done to comply. CRAzoom then provides a model policy, procedure, user agreement stipulation, employee handbook stipulation, affidavit, verification employee training stipulation, etc. that complies with the standard, but may be complemented by a background screening CRA’s customized language.
In addition, included in the package is a supplemental materials package that has every complete document you will need to become accredited. The package includes the following: a Policy and Procedure Manual, Information Security Policy, Privacy Policy, Employee Handbook addendum, job descriptions, user agreement addendum and many other documents which, while not strictly required (Verifications Employee training manual, consumer dispute policy and procedures, pre/post adverse action notices, compliant disclosure and release, etc.) are included and will greatly assist background screening CRAs.
The entire package is provided in hard copy and also electronic, MS Word format so that it is not just a reference, but rather a template for the actual process.
I will consult with you as needed through the process. I started working for a background screening CRA in 1984, wrote the Criminal Records Book beginning in 2001, and can help in all accreditation areas.
You can learn more about CRAzoom at www.CRAzoom.com or call Derek Hinton at 918-477-9150.
Note: This is a guest post by Derek Hinton of CRA Zoom. In this post, Derek promotes a great service that assists background screening agencies to become NAPBS accredited.

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