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Drug Screen Scheduler Enhancement 

TazWorks is excited to announce that, effective today, LabCorp and Quest orders can be scheduled by the processor or the applicant. This enhancement includes a Test Scheduler like i3Screen, with four options to choose from. This can be accessed by navigating to a Client, Product Tab, Select Client Product, and then Collection Site Network. The four Test Scheduler options are:  

  • Applicant – QuickApp Only – Applicant can schedule if the order is placed through QuickApp, otherwise the processor will schedule when the order is placed.  
  • Applicant – Always – Will trigger an email to the applicant at the end of the ordering process to schedule the test and QuickApp will be `the same, where the applicant schedules during the ordering process.  
  • Processor – Always – Will allow the processor to schedule during the ordering process and the applicant will never receive an email to schedule the test. 
  • Select at order time – When placing the order, it will ask who will be doing the scheduling, QuickAppor during ordering process.  


By default, nothing will change with your current set up, this enhancement is giving you more options on how to schedule outside of what is already available for LabCorp and Quest.  

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