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Compliance Series Webinars in October

Are you taking advantage of learning through the TazWebinar series? Each month, TazWorks hosts a webinar where we talk about important issues, as well as information about our products that will help you become more productive!
For the month of October TazWorks is introducing our Compliance Series webinars. The first one will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd, and will be presented by TazWork’s Director of Risk Management, Natalie Mirando. She will be discussing the importance of documenting, maintaining best practices for training with TazWorks Software,  and ongoing security issues. The second webinar in the Compliance Series will be held on Wednesday, October 30th and will be presented by industry expert Montserrat Miller and Erin Doyle. They will be covering what falls under the FCRA and CCPA Amendments. 
Be sure to register for these webinars and learn critical information to help you stay in compliance and become more productive in your business.

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