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Pending Notes Option for Collection Messages

TazWorks is excited to announce a new status alert for pending drug screenings, which saves you precious time. If a drug screen search expires, and we receive an expired message from the provider, the search will change to an error status. If it does not error out and the consumer goes to take the drug screen, an intermediate status will display in the pending notes for all drug screen providers except eScreen. Navigate to the client products tab and in the settings, there is a new option that can be added to allow the collection message to be displayed. Here are the messages for the providers that will display:  


Test is pending collection – PEND 

Test has been Completed – OK 


Collection Initiated 

Collection cancelled 

Collection Complete 

Collection Completed  No/Insufficient 

Collection Completed – Refusal to test 


Collection Cancelled 

Collection Completed 

Collection started 

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