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Employment Verification – May We Contact Employer?

When filling out the background questionnaire for an employment verification, or an additional employment verification, you have the control on what to include in the collection process by setting the required fields for the product.  

For the field “May we contact employer” in employment verification searches, previously it would default to yes and the user or consumer would move forward. Some may not have noticed this field because of the default settings. We have adjusted these settings, so that if it’s optional ithe table, it defaults to a (-) and the user can select yes or no from the drop-down or move forward and not answer the question. If its set to required in the table, the user must answer yes or no from the drop-down before moving forward and if its hidden, it will not show at all. 

We have also implemented an internal note within the search that shows what was selected and who selected it.  

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