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TazWorks Obtains SOC 2 Compliance Attestation Report

TazWorks has satisfied the requirements to receive our SOC 2
attestation report. The audit, which was performed by The Cadence Group, a
certified corporate accounting firm, confirmed that we have built effective
controls and processes that meet or exceed the standards for the security of
our background screening software and corporate operations.

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The report defines TazWorks’ controls and
processes that adhere to the AICPA’s trust service principles related to the
following areas:

  • Security: TazWorks is protected against unauthorized access, through sufficient
    firewalls, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection, and more.
  • Availability: The system is consistently available for operation and use, with more
    than 99.95% uptime and continuous performance monitoring.
  • Confidentiality: Confidential information stays that way through encryption, access
    controls and permissions, firewalls, and internal information policies and

“This report proves our commitment to
providing the best quality software for the background screening industry by
meeting the highest standards of security, availability, and confidentiality,”
says Scott Kimball, TazWorks CTO. “We apply the most rigorous security methods
and monitoring possible in every aspect of our technology, and now we have an
additional layer of transparency that allows our current and prospective
customers to understand exactly how we do that.”
“SOC 2 compliance goes beyond the software
we’ve built and maintain,” adds Joe Olsen, TazWorks COO. “To achieve this
report, we must have strict operating procedures in place for every aspect of
our organization. Achieving this standard shows that even with the many
regulations in the background screening industry, consumer reporting agencies
can feel confident knowing they’re using the best software service possible
when they choose TazWorks.”
Consumer reporting agencies use TazWorks
software to perform millions of criminal and credit checks, drug tests,
reference verifications, and more each month for employment, tenant, and
volunteer screening. As SOC 2 reports are becoming more and more frequently
requested by clients and required in RFPs, having these standards already in
place will give you the competitive edge you need when selling
your services to continue growing the more than 300,000 organizations our CRAs

Additional Certifications

TazWorks’ commitment to high standards for security, availability, and compliance means that they also maintain PCI DSS and EI3PA certifications, regular security audits performed by The Cadence Group, continuous monitoring by Qualys, and GDPR compliance.
Learn more on our security page.

Get a copy of our SOC 2 report

Current and prospective customers and users of
TazWorks software can receive a copy of the SOC 2 report by contacting compliance@tazworks.com. Our SOC 2 report is confidential, and requires a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You will need to agree to the terms in order to view the SOC 2 report.
You can also find more RFP information related to TazWorks’
certifications and assessments, policies and procedures, and system
capabilities by
logging in to tazsupport.com.

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