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You can now force exclude jurisdictions from specific products and searches

One of our most requested features is now here: you can now set jurisdictions to always be excluded for a specific search and product!
The Jurisdiction Selection Tool makes it easy for you to decide what jurisdictions are most relevant to your search, but there may be cases where you want to set specific rules, and we’ve now made it easy for you to set this preference. When paired with the ability to force include jurisdictions that we released a few months ago, it becomes even more powerful for you to customize the system to fit your or your clients’ needs.
For County Criminal Records or State Criminal Court searches, you can select what jurisdictions you want to always be excluded or included in specific products by going to Admin >> Manage Products and selecting the product you wish to change.
Learn more about how to set up excluded jurisdictions (and included jurisdictions, if you’re not already using them!) here.

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